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 Brass Neutral links Single Pole Brass Earth bars Terminal bars



We are manufacturers exporters suppliers from jamnagar India of a wide array of Brass earth bars and Brass neutral links , Brass terminal bars ,Brass electrical terminals.   The most common range is single pole neutral links and terminal bars neutral bars. We make these standard bars on automatic CNC machines ensuring high quality and close tolerances. We also machine Copper and can offer Copper Neutral Links Copper earth bars

Brass Neutral Links Earth bars Brass Terminal bars Information
  • Material: Brass (CuZn39Pb3)c345, C 353, Copper 99.9% CDA 36000, c3602, c3604, c385, cz131,cz124, cz121, en 12164 - cw606n, CW 603n,CW 614n, cuzn36pb2, cuzn39pb3 & cuzn36pb3. – c377, c380, cz122, en 12165 – cw617n, cw612n, cuzn40pb2 & cuzn39pb2.    

  • Finish: Self Colour, Tin plated, Silver plated

  • Screws: Steel  combination head cheese head pan head with Zinc plating


  • These are only a few standrd size bars.We can  always make bespoke custom made neutral links Brass terminal bars and Brass earth bars

 Product Code   No. Of Ways   Measurement (A)   Measurement (B) 
 BN001   4   44.0   34.0
 BN002   6   56.0   46.0
 BN003   8   68.0   58.0
 BN004   10   80.0   70.0
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