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We are one of the largest manufacturers exporters suppliers of Brass Wood Screws , Barss screws are available in Countersunk, Phillips, Raised CSK, PAN, Round  head types. Brass Slotted Countersunk head screws Brass wood screws are cold forged on automatic machined and cut threaded for perfection and sharp gimlet point.


Brass Wood screw is usually a metal screw with a sharp point designed to attach two pieces of wood together. Wood screws are commonly available with flat, pan or oval-heads. A wood screw generally has a partially unthreaded shank below the head. The unthreaded portion of the shank is designed to slide through the top board (closest to the screw head) so that it can be pulled tight to the board it is being attached to.



Goods are produced as

    • BS 2874/86 Equivalent  to IS 4170/67

    • International Standards

  • IS 6760
  • BS 1210
  • DIN 97

Finishing Available

    • Natural brass
    • Antique
    • Satin
    • Nickel
    • Chrome
    • S.S
    • Tin

Any other finishing required as per the customer's specification.



  • Company's standard packaging facility available
  • Also as per the customer's specification


We value our customers and we make sure that goods are delivered to our valued customers on time as per the commitment.


Range of Brass Wood Screws


  • #14  Brass Wood screws are also available but only after the consumer's specification.

Material Used

  • Brass Wires / Lead free coil wire from 2mm-14mm mm
  • Its metallurgical report is provide in our Quality Control section
Material Specification of wire
Standard Specification : BS : 2874/86 CZ109
EQUV. : IS 4170/67 CuZn 40
Copper (CU%) : 59 to 62
Lead (Pb%) :  
Tin (Sn%) :  
Iron (Fe%) :  
Aluminium (Al%) :  
Manganese (Mn%) :  
Other Elements % : 0.30 Max
Zinc (Zn%) : Remaining
Nickle (Ni%) :  
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength Kg/mm2 : 34.5 Min.
Elongation % On 5.65 OA : 25% Min
Fabrication Properties
Cold Work :  
Hot Warmed :  
Machinability : 55%
Soldering :  
Brazing :  
Forging : Excellent
Welding : Excellent
Bending Riveting : Excellent
  • Lead free coil wire available. 
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