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Brass Terminal Blocks for Ceramic Connectors




We offer Brass terminals and Brass terminal blocks for various types of cermaic electrical connectors and terminal blocks. We have our CNC macines at our Jamnagar factory in india  churning out high quality Brass terminals and Terminal Blocks for eceramic electrical applications. these Brass terminals and terminal blocks are machined to perfection and produces in high volume.

 Ceramic Block with Nickel Plated Brass Terminals for CMB2  Head. For Gage 14 Wire Maximum,  Ceramic Blocks with Brass Terminals for Type NSA, NSB, NSC & NBS Connection Heads for Max. 8 Gage Wire, Ceramic Blocks with Brass Terminals for Type NBN, NB3, NBG, NB1, and NBB Connection Heads for Max. 14 Gage Wire.


We also offer Brass Nickel plated terminals and Brass screws  for bakellite moulded terminal blocks.


      brass-terminals-for-bakelite  brass-terminals-for-bakelite-3


Code number Terminals-Number of Screws Material Description wt.(oz)
BNI-12 2 Ceramic   1
BNI-13 4 Ceramic   1
BNI-14 2 Bakelite   21/2
BNI-15 3 Bakelite 21/2
BNI-16 4 Bakelite  







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