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Brass Flare Nuts Brass Long Flare Nuts


We offer machined Brass flare nuts Brass Long Flare nut and Short Brass flare nuts conical nuts with UNF threads. These nuts are used for Copper pipe flare assemblies.


JIC SAE 37°/  UNF ST R A I G H T Threads

These three thread types/ forms share the same dimensions and thread pitches in all sizes. They  broadly used for refrigeration and air conditioning plants  The only effective difference is that JIC (also known as SAE 37°) has a conical seating face (37° or 74° total angle) and UNF straight has a flat seat – sealing being effected by use of a washer. Male JIC fittings have a convex cone, female fittings a concave cone. JIC (also called AN from its American Army/Navy usage) is the most widely-used thread type in competition or high performance plumbing. Most hose ends are made to this specification. (There is, also, an SAE45° threadform which has a 45° conical seat. It shares the same dimensions as JIC except for the angle of its seat and in its 1–1/16 size when it has 14 threads per inch (TPI) . These nuts and threads are widely used for airconditioners and refrigerators.

Sizes we offer for Flare nuts : 

JIC Thread size -JIC Dash Size UNF Thread size OD male thread inches Female Thread ID Inches
-02 5/16 X 24 0.3125 0.2614
-03 3/8 X 24 0.3750 0.3299
–04 7/16 X 20 0.4375 0.3762
–05 1/2 X 20  0.500 0.4387
–06 9/16 X 18 0.5625 0.4943
–08 3/4 X 16 0.750 0.6733
–10 7/8 X 14 0.875 0.7874
–12 1–1/16 X 12 1.0625 1.5140
–16 1–5/16 X 12 1.3125 1.2103

These Long and short brass flare nuts can be offered form CZ 121 Brass or CDA 360 high Copper Brass from our factory in Jamnagar india.




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