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Brass Neutral Links is a Jamnagar India based manufacturers and suppliers of variety of Brass Terminal Blocks. We have our own Brass extrusion plant which can make bespoke / custom made profiles to user specifications. Our high speed automatic lathes help these bars to be chopped into required lengths and our automatic drilling/tapping attachments finish the operation.These Brass terminals and Brass terminal Blocks are manufactured using high grade raw material, which make them highly reliable and durable. The material used is heavy duty brass and precision work has been done when it comes to threading and finish. Material Test certificate can be provided against request

Multiple connections are offered from Brass Terminal Blocks made from either  Brass copper or aluminum bar and can be used in a variety of neutral and grounding applications. Aluminum connectors: Tin plated for low contact resistance and dual rated for use with aluminum and copper cables. Brass connectors and terminal blocks are Suitable for use with copper wires.

 brass-terminal-blocks-jamnagar-india Industries served:

  • Electrical Switchgears
  • Electrical Energy meters
  • Electrical Fuse cutouts
  • Electrical CTPT
  • Metal enclosed indoor switchgears and circuit breakers
  • Distribution blocks 
  • Electrical transformers and insulators



brass-terminal-blocks-jamnagar-india The main characteristics of Brass Terminal Blocks include:

  • Higher Strength
  • Better quality of Brass (CDA 360 Alloy with 60% Copper)
  • Precision Dimensional control
  • Corrosion resistance due to Tin plating (where required)
  • Better surface finish and packaging


brass-terminal-blocks-jamnagar-india Plating:

  • Tin
  • Zinc
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Cadmium


We also offer custom made Brass neutral Links Brass earth bars neutral blocks Brass terminal bars Brass terminals over and above Brass terminal Blocks that we mass produce.

Sub Product of - Brass terminal Blocks  

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