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Bronze Transformer Tank Grounding Connectors

Bronze Transformer Connectors Copper Alloy Transformer Tank Connectors  Grounding Connectors




We are manufacturers exporters and suppliers of Bronze grounding Connectors Transfomer tank connectorsTTC  transformer tank ground conductors,  are cast with high quality Bronze Alloy.C 614 in our Bronze Copper alloy casting foundry in India.

PROPERTIES OF Copper Alloy No. C61400

Element Nominal Minimum Maximum
Copper 91 Rem. Rem.
Lead - - .01
Iron 2 1.5 3.5
Zinc - - .20
Aluminum 7 6 8
Manganese - - 1
Phosphorus - - .015

The ground connectors feature a ½ to 13 stud thread size that fits all standard EEI-NRMA distribution transformers. The ground connectors can be used in both vertically and horizontally directed cable applications. Available conductor range: 2/0 Str. to 8 Sol. and 1 Str. to 10 Sol. Tin-plated connectors are available. 

Our  electrical grounding products are used in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.  We export Bronze and Copper alloy transformer tank connectors / Transfomer grounding connectors to USA and Canada.

Sub Product of - Bronze Transformer Tank grounding Connectors  

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