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Copper Bronze Grounding Clamps Earthing Clamps

Pipe Clamps

Bronze Grounding Clamps  Copper Grounding  Clamps Direct Burial Pipe clamps Rebar Pipe clamps from India


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Bronze Pipe clamps Copper pipe clamps Bronze Grounding Clamps  We offer:

  • Brass Grounding clamps Copper Grounding Clamps
  • Copper Grounding Connectors Bronze Grounding Clamps
  • Bronze Clamps Copper Clamps Bronze Grounding Connectors with lay in Lugs
  • Copper Bronze Grounding lugs Grounding Rod Accessories
  • Copper Bronze direct burial pipe clamps 
  • Bronze cast clamps Copper casting clamps
  • 50 Ampere direct burial Copper lay in lugs with Tinplating
  • Bronze couplers and couplings for earth rods

Pipe Range:   ½” – 1”      Rebar Range:  3/8” – 1”   Ground Rod Range: ¼” – 1”


  • Allied  fittings i.e. Stainless Steel screws Bronze ground earth grounding Gun metals castings cast Clamps , Couplers, Bronze, Gun metals fittings parts components casting parts.
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