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Copper Pressed Parts Copper Pressed Components 





We have various Nakisama Japanese power pressed which can mass produce high quality Copper pressed parts and pressed Components with impeccabl quality at our factory in Jamnagar India. Our product range includes-


  • Copper Bus Bars
  • Copper earth bars
  • Copper Electrical Fuse contacts
  • Copper Ground bars
  • Copper Battery Straps
  • Copper Earthing clamps
  • Copper pipe clamps
  • Copper flat washers Copper plain washers
  • Copper pressed components for automobiles
  • Copper pressed terminals and Copper pressed lugs
  • Copper connectors for automobiles

Finish of Copper pressed parts and Copper pressed Components: natural, Tin plated, Nickel plated

Thickness Range: 0.3mm to 5mm in thickness

Packging: Sea worth corrugated castons


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