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 Expansion Inserts Knurled Brass Inserts Expansion Moulding Inserts


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 Brass Inserts from india-  Brass Expansion inserts Knurled Brass inserts Expansion moulding inserts


Brass insert Thread


inserts Length
ØH T   Hole
M2 3.9 4.8 0.43 3.2
M2.5 4.7 5.5 0.51 4.0
M3 4.7 5.5 0.51 4.0
M3.5 6.3 6.4 0.66 4.7
M4 7.9 7.1 0.82 5.5
M5 9.4 7.9 0.99 6.3
M6 12.6 9.5 1.25 8.0
M8 12.6 11.1 1.25 9.6



We are one of the largest manufacturers of Brass moulding inserts and Brass expansion inserts from Jamnagar India. We offer  a range of expansion inserts expansion fasteners which can be used with timber , wood or concrete. These Brass threaded inserts and  brass inserts for cold-set installation into plastics are very easy to use .We are a custom manufacturer of precision screw machined & turned inserts Brass expansion fasteners Brass expansion nuts etc including brass, stainless steel & steel inserts. Materials used also include C360, C145 & C544 copper, C12L14, C1215 & C1144.


We have latest automatic Swiss machining centers which can churn  out these Brass moulding isnerts and expansion inserts by the millions. Available headed, unheaded and reverse headed.Simple unheated installation procedure is very easy to implement and even  a layman can use these Brass expansion inserts slotted inserts moulding inserts and Brass expansion fasteners.

Material: Brass ROHS complaint CZ 121, BS 2874 CDA 360 Brass EN 12164 CW 614N Brass c345, C 353, CDA 36000, c3602, c3604, c385, cz131,cz124, cz121, en 12164 - cw606n, CW 603n,CW 614n, cuzn36pb2, cuzn39pb3 & cuzn36pb3. – c377, c380, cz122, en 12165 – cw617n, cw612n, cuzn40pb2 & cuzn39pb2.  C 675, cz 114, cz 115, en 12165 CW 721 r & CW 722r.  c3533, cz132, cw602n & cuzn36pb2as.

Threads: ISO Metric, NPS, NPT, UNC, UNEF, UNF, BSW etc.

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