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 Mould in Inserts Brass Plastic Moulding Inserts


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 Brass plastic Moulding inserts Brass Mould in inserts Knurled inserts


Brass inserts Thread
M3 7.3 1.3 4.6
M4 10.2 1.8 6.7
M5 11.2 2.0 7.4
M6 14.4 2.0 8.1
M8 16.5 2.3 11.1


Features of our Brass mold in inserts plastic molding inserts : Our range of Brass plastic inserts mould in metric  inserts ,Brass threaded inserts is designed for moulding in during the manufacturing process instead of post production insertion.Three bands of opposing  knurl provide maximun resistance to torque and pull out.

Blind ended to prevent plastic entering the internal thread.

Material of Brass inserts Brass mould in inserts plastic moulding inserts: CDA 360 Brass c345, C 353, CDA 36000, c3602, c3604, c385, cz131,cz124, cz121, en 12164 - cw606n, CW 603n,CW 614n, cuzn36pb2, cuzn39pb3 & cuzn36pb3. – c377, c380, cz122, en 12165 – cw617n, cw612n, cuzn40pb2 & cuzn39pb2.  C 675, cz 114, cz 115, en 12165 CW 721 r & CW 722r.  c3533, cz132, cw602n & cuzn36pb2as.

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Brass inserts Brass Moulding inserts
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