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We are manufacturers of various styles of BRASS BATTERY TERMINALS BRASS TERMINALS at our factory in Jamnagar Gujarat.  We also offer various types of brass auto parts and battery terminal studs and accessories  according to customer's specs and drawings.We also offer Copper battery lugs Copper crimp terminals cable terminals and studs along with other battery components and accessories in Brass and Copper.


Brass Battery Terminals :
Lucas Type, Angle Type, Ship Type, Seiwa Type (Universal Type) in forging and casted. Brass Auto Parts Image,Toyota Type, U.S.A. Car Type, 

Machined  Battery Terminal : Seiver Crimp Type, Angle (Bosch) Type, USA Car Type, Solder Less (Screw) Type (Machined), Hex Head Bolt Type (Machined), Cable Lugs (Brass), Post Type (Machined), Solder Type (Machined), Solder Less (Screw) Type (Machined), 

Forged Battery Terminals : Seiwa Crimp Type, Type, Knock Out Type, Easy Fixing Type, Solder (Crimp) Type (Heavy), Solder Type, Solder less (Screw) Type,Post Type H.D., Post Type (Medium), Angle (Bosch) Type, Side Double Fixing Type, Side Single Fixing Type, Crimp (Clip)