Brass Anchor Bolts



Brass Anchor Bolts Size Diameter   Lengths
M5 6.5mm 20mm
M6 8mm 22mm
M8 10mm 29mm
M10 12mm 33mm
M12 15mm 38mm

We at our factory in Jamnagar India manufacture and supply a wide range of Brass Anchor Bolts Brass Sloted anchors Brass Drop anchors for fixing use. 



brass-anchor-bolts Applications : Threaded rod downspouts for ceilings, small support elements, insulation rails, secondary wood and metal structures.

brass-anchor-bolts Type of installation : Pre-positioned installation. Remote assembly.

brass-anchor-bolts Benefits :
• Brass Anchor bolts are Corrosion resistant.
• Brass Anchor bolts slotted anchors Drop anchors Ideal for use outside or in wet environments.
• Anchors can cope up with  temperature variations.
• Short embedment depth and higher strength
• Drop in Brass Anchors allow the removal and reinstallation of the fixed part.
• Heavy duty Knurled external surface on Brass Anchor Bolts for perfect adherence





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